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Meet Morgan.

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Personal Biography

I am an Army Veteran's wife and mother of 4 children. I started Sanctuary Counseling Services, LLC in 2018 after feeling as though there was a lack of consistent mental health care available in our community. I am motivated and driven to help individuals and families reconnect and reach their full potential. I found my love for mental and emotional wellbeing was born out of the realization in my own life of the profound effect that the brain has on the physical wellbeing of each and everyone of us. I know that when I am not taking care of my emotional and mental health, my immune system and physical health suffers and vice versa. This is a driving force for how I live my life and help my children to grow and live their lives. 

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Convenient and Easy

Working with Morgan has been extremely convenient and easy. When my case loads starts to fill up, Morgan is a phone call away and her process for referrals are easy! I enjoy working with Morgan and look forward to continuing our working relationship.

Naomi Dugar, LPC

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